If it is
Then it is a 
         of Nottawasaga
Pictures of 1980 - 1981
Year 3 Our job 
is Log-n-Beads 
   .. AGAIN
Above- Bob, Merry with a broken Leg, Gary .. Right - Gary, Merry and Bob
(A slip meant a trip to the Hospital and a cast for Merry, after which she returned to her duties.)
Jack, Brigitte, Trevor, Pat, and John
was done 
manually ... 
32 pages all
typed on typewriters,
artwork was
cut and paste or pen and ink drawings, copies were run off on a Gestetner Duplicating Machine (one step up from a "Ditto" machine for those that can remember that far back), and of course collating and stapling the "booklets"  was all done by hand.  
Singing "Roll Me Over" kept everyone in sync.
Merry, Bob, Jack, Brigitte, Dave and Bob in foreground
Merry, Bob's back and Gary 
The cast on her leg did not prevent 
 Merry from re-joining the Reunion.
Dave, Merry, Marg, Keith, Howard, Gary,and Jack
John and Dave
Jack's back and our  1981
 "Nottawasaga Newbies" 
  Lil, Norm and Claude
Facing  Lil, Norm, Claude and Gary,          Jack and Lin's backs 
  ..applying the "ties that bind"
Keith, Gary, Pat, Norm and Claude
(-Lil is there too, can just see her arm)
Newbies have one last chance to "bail"
Lin, Keith, Pat, Norm and Claude
They decide to stick it out and their fate is sealed........... forever.
Standing at the at the Gates ....
Gatekeeper Lin, Lil, (?-spectator) Grand PooBah High Priest Keith, Keeper of the Gate Paul, and Gary
Merry, Keith and Jack 
scrutinize the Newbies
Paul urges Lil to overcome the barricade 
Up and over.. get that leg up
Walking through "Paradise" 
Lin, Lil, Paul, Gary ....
NEXT! .... They all get a turn.
Keith bids Norm to enter.
Jack, Norm and John
Keith ministers to the Newbies while Merry looks on.
Foreground - Keith, Claude and Jack
(Norm and Lil are there too)
Partaking of the 
"Food of the Gods"
.. an experience you NEVER forget.
that completes the "Order of the Nail"

John, Keith, Howard, Dave, Jack, Merry, Pat, Initiate Claude, Garry and (?) visitor 
Jack, Keith, Dave, Pat, Merry, Gary, (spectator (?) and Ian -BYGTWO) John, and Brigitte surround the Newbies, with words of encouragement (and sympathy)
John, Marg, Keith, Dave, Claude, Jack, Pat, Merry, Gary, Visitor, and John   
       Norm and Lil are also still there 
             ...note the blindfolds
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The Blind leading the blind ?
The bar was raised for Claude ... he's a high stepper.
Brigitte, (Bob -BYGTWO) and Lin
A Customer for our "spuds" 
    Dave, John and Lil
Paul and Brigitte sampling the fare at BYGTWO
Brigitte and Lin
Gary and Dave are among the students taking Hula lessons at the BYGTWO Marquee
Ted and Lin
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