If it is...
Then it is a Friend 
of Nottawasaga
This page contains pictures of 2004
Year 3, the last year of Brigitte's term had us taking care of    Ebor Control 
Doing double duty we ran the Reunion Tuck Shop as well.
Brigitte with another new HAT
The Happy Gang or "Blue Crew" - Back  Row :Cullen, Red, Ruth,Mark, Carol, Keith, Phil,Carol, Anna, Lyle, Heather, Dick, Joanne, Bob, Kirk
Middle Row: Rhonda, Candy, Rose
Front: Kneeling Brian, Art, Laying down Aaron, Brigitte and Jim
Absent: Leah, Cathy and Steve and Phil (manning Control Stations).
Art works our Give-Away table while Brian, Cullen and Rose sit and watch
Brigitte points out trouble, Bob from BYGTWO
Sat. Dinner - Rhonda, Anna, Kirk, Joanne, Dana, Art, and Rose
Leah, Lyle and Mark
Our Saturday night dinner is sumptuous
Mark, Lyle, Steve and Heather
Ruth, Rhonda, Anna, Kirk, Joanne, Dana, and Art
Ruth, Rhonda, Anna, Kirk, and Dana
Red, Brian, Dick (standing at back) Phil and Aaron
Jim, Candy, Carol, Ruth and Rhonda
Anna, Kirk, Joanne, Dana, Art and Rose
Rose, Bob, Keith, Cullen, Red, Brian, Phil and Aaron
Cullen and Rose
Our Games - Goldfish Swallow             and the Duck Pond
Judy (Wendat) and Ken              Ken                                   Mark
This page contains pictures of 2004.  
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