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This page contains pictures of 2005
This page contains pictures of 2005.  
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Back (L-R) Kirk, Keith F, Heather, Anna, Ken, Cathy, Cullen, Phil, Keith T, Red, Brian, Aaron, Steve and Bob
Middle Ruth, Rhonda, Candy, Rose, Wayne, Jim
Front Brigitte and Art
We are NOT on Committee this year, but are still a working Contingent - we are  running the Tuck Shop
Brigitte with Janet (staff)
Lydia (staff) and Keith
Anna, Rhonda, Cathy and Art
Anna helps dress our "Piper" Candy
Newbie Keith F and Phil
Steve and Anna
Visitor and Aaron
Birthday Boy Phil collects hugs
Brian and Ken
Brian, Barb (Orillia), Rose, Cathy, Anna and Rhonda
Visitor, Brigitte and Jim
Cathy and Anna
Cullen, Rose, Jim and Art
Heather and Ruth
Jim, Barb (Orillia) Wayne and Phil
Red and Wayne
Art and Wayne in foreground
Rhonda and Ruth
Keith, Brigitte and Kirk
Ruth and Rhonda