If it is...
Then it is a Friend 
of Nottawasaga
This page contains pictures of 2017 and 2018
Mike and John setting up Knot Tying Challenge
Brian, Tom. Mike, Kim & Brigitte's arm
Mike and John with visitor
Barb S. Tom, Karen, Phil & Heather
Cathy, Brian, Barb W. Keith T., Karen & visitor
Lianne & Keith T. 
Cathy, Phil, Heather & Jim
Jim, Karen, Keith F. Bob & Kim
Tom. Barb S. pinning Mike
Kevin and Brian
Barb W. pinning John
Karen mans our Give-Aways Sat. night
Red mans our other Give-Aways
Sat night games - Pool noodle atlatl
Another miss.. you gotta hit the holes
Whoo Hoo I finally did it!
L to R --Keith F, Brian. Bob, Tom, Barb S. Lianne, Cathy, Phil, Kim, Jim, Keith T., Brigitte, Kevin, Barb W., John, George, Karen, Mike, & Heather
This page contains pictures of 2017 and 2018
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L - R  Back Row - Karen, Kevin, Cathy, Anna,Rhonda, Steve. 
Tom S. Bob, Phil, Peter, Dana Red
3rd row - Barb S, Heather
2nd row - Kevin, Kim, Lianne, Brian Jim
Front - Brigitte
Anna Cathy and Kim
Anna Red Cathy Phil Rhonda Brian
Heather, Brian, Peter, Phil
Dana, Karen, Red, Heather
Dana, Karen, Red, Heather, Brian Peter Phil.
Looking out our front door
Making Leis with Karen Saturday Afternoon
Kim and Lianne