If it is.
 Then it is a 
         of Nottawasaga.
(Ranger Bob ), Brigitte, (Glen -Kingston)
Paul, John, Ken, (? in back) and (ex-one-of-us Trevor -see 1980 pics)
Brian and Jim
Jim, (the 'other' one)
Cathy and Ken - in our tent before Skylights 
    - even the food looked BLUE
Visitor (?), Lil and Cathy
Art and Rose
Janet - Woman in the Shoe & Kids successfully ran for Committee
Here are some of the Kids
Cullen, Janet, Lou, Janice, Jim, Keith's Backside, Brigitte, Dave, and Ray
John, Jim, Lou's wife, Lou, Cullen, Cathy, Keith
Moving in or moving out - All looks the same.
Tom, Cullen and Jim
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                           This Page contains pictures of the 1982-89
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Pictures of 1982 to 1989.
Janet was elected to Committee
Sorry - None yet for this year.
Barb (now with Orillia) 
and Gary
Back- Art, Tom. Ray, (?), Jim,  and (?)
Front Rose, Brigitte, (?) and Lil